Advanced Leadership Program – Agriculture Day

Below are handouts for the ALP Ag Day.   Print copies will be made available at the workshop session.


Agriculture in Juneau County:  2012-Agriculture-in-Juneau-County

Juneau County Agriculture: Value and Economic Impact:  Juneau_Ag_Impact_11-2014v

Central Wisconsin Agricultural Specialization (CWAS); Who are we:  CWAS-Brochure-12-6-13

Simple Parliamentary Procedure:  SimpleParliamentaryProcedure

Parliamentary Procedure Table of Motions:  ParliamentaryMotions_Table_Slim

Parliamentary Procedure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  ParlProcFAQa

Historical chronology of Juneau County Ag and Natural Resources:  Juneau Cty Ag and Nat Res Chronology